fall-alimedUltra-thin alarm systems engineered to prevent falls are  available from AliMed, Dedham, Mass. The Mylar Ultra-Thin Sensor Alarm Systems are designed to work with even the lightest patients and can be used with beds or chairs. The products are also intended to work with all mattresses, including air mattresses.

The company notes that the products offer users earlier fall warning than traditional pressure pads, and can be cut, folded, and bent without major damage.

The Mylar Ultra-Thin Sensor TR2 Alarm System’s design allows it to go undetected by the patient and takes up little space, AliMed says. The alarm system works by detecting the minute electrical force surrounding the body rather than relying on the patient’s weight to trigger the alarm.

The sensor pad reportedly triggers the alarm when the patient attempts to rise from the bed or chair. The alarm is reset once the patient’s body comes into contact with the pad again.

The product comes with options that include a TR2 Alarm Unit, a IQ Duo Plus Alarm Unit, or a VOICE Alarm Unit.

For more information, visit www.alimed.com.

[Source: AliMed]