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Objective Data Measurement


Facility-Based Equipment Showcase

Rehab Management compiled this showcase of some of the top facility-based equipment products currently on the market. These include training stairs, therapy tables, aquatic therapy pools, walkways to measure gait and balance, and more.

Gait Analysis: Evaluations Stand Strong With Objective Data

Join Frank Long, editorial director of Rehab Management and Physical Therapy Products as he speaks with Doreen M. Stiskal, PT, PhD, Fellow, APTA Educational Leadership Institute, Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health and Medical Sciences, Seton Hall University, about using gait analysis as a tool for improving treatment, education, and research.

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Assessment Is the First Step

Pediatric patients with mobility issues present unique challenges in rehabilitation. In the teen years, assessment and treatment are similar to those used in an adult population. Younger children may require playful approaches employing games and

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