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Assistive Devices


Invisible Wall Protects Wheelchair Users from COVID-19

Safeguard My Biz introduces the Acrylic Wheelchair/Rollator Protection Barrier. Consisting of four flat transparent acrylic panels, it is designed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by blocking the transmission of respiratory droplets.

Assistive Devices


Getting REAL About Functional Therapy

Functional, task-specific treatment comes of age as a critical factor in making service delivery more efficient and providing excellent patient outcomes. A feature for the Rehab Management 2017 Product Directory by Tracie Hunnicutt, MS, CCC-SLP; Julie Clement, OTR; and Susan Adix, PT.

6 Reasons to Think Differently About Pediatric Mobility

Children’s needs differ distinctly from adults, and mobility equipment choices must account for progression into adolescence and beyond. A feature for the April 2019 issue of Rehab Management Todd S. Danos, MBA, LOTR, FACHE, and Lori Boyter, PT.

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