3 Tips for PTs: Help Patients Navigate Skyrocketing Costs

To keep patients in therapy PTs must help manage their financial concerns. That can include communicating about the cost of care without discouraging them from pursuing treatment. Here are 3 valuable tips to proactively help patients through those concerns.


Billing Software Q&A

Our exclusive Q&A explores the challenges surmounted, perks gained, and revenue management improvements that can be made through billing software.


A Synthesized Strategy for Rehab

Synthesizing technology and functional goals set by patient, family, and therapist helps get stroke patients back on their feet faster and enhances outcomes.


Rehab Essentials for New Knees

Exploring trajectories in functional recovery for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation post-total knee arthroplasty.


Cloud Computing Roundtable

Experts delve into the multifaceted nature of cloud-based software systems, offering insight for existing users and key considerations when transition is on the horizon.