Lasers for PT: Healing at the Speed of Light

Two laser experts take the mystery out of low level laser therapy. Listen to this podcast and learn how to use this technology to provide effective results, and which specs are important in making the right laser purchase. Both experts also reveal how they combine laser with therapeutic taping and exercise to optimize the recovery continuum.


Video Game Technology Seeks to “Gamify Rehab”

To enhance and “gamify rehab,” Visual Touch Therapy offers users games that hinge on range-of-motion exercises, allowing users to begin a therapy program with large gestures and progress to smaller, more precise movements as strength and mobility improve.


Sensor Technology Aims to Hone in On Early Signs of TBI

A wireless health-monitoring system built to detect the early signs of TBI by continuously monitoring a range of brain and neural functions has reportedly been developed by engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas.