Turny Low Vehicle
Sweden-based manufacturer Autoadapt’s latest swivel seat, the Turny Low Vehicle, is designed to help give users more car choices—not just one based on their physical needs.
Katherine Lau, right, works with UNLV student Zack Cook to fit Hailey Dawson with a 3D-printed prosthetic hand. Joining them is Hailey's mother, Yong Dawson.
(Photo courtesy of Aaron Mayes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
A biomedical engineering student at Rutgers University, as her summer research project, helped build a prosthetic hand for a child.
Naked Prosthetics, based in Tumwater, Wash, introduces the MCPDriver, a finger prosthesis designed for amputations distal to the MCP joint, or first knuckle.
Freedom Designs Inc, Simi Valley, Calif, introduces the P.R.O. CG (precise rotational orientation) tilt-in-space wheelchair.
Quickie 7R
Sunrise Medical now offers the Quickie 7 Series of ultra lightweight rigid wheelchairs, per a media announcement.
This is one example of the prosthetic leg covers that ALLELES Design Studio offers. (Photo courtesy of Alison Andersen)
A feature posted recently on The Huffington Post profiles the ALLELES Design Studio, a Canada-based company that designs prosthetic leg covers.
Wellness-based telehealth services provider TeleWellnessMD announces that it is adding services to its online platform,
IntelliWheels Inc, based in Champaign, Ill, introduces Fit Grips handrim grips.
Freedom Designs Inc, Simi Valley, Calif, introduces the P.R.O. CG (precise rotational orientation) tilt-in-space wheelchair.
Med Services Europe, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, announces its new offering, called RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks.
Mobile Innovations Inc Hand-Held Phone Holder
The HandAble Company, a division of Mobile Innovations, introduces the Handable handheld phone holder, an accessory built to enable those who experience short- or long-term hand and wrist issues hold their cell phones and tablets more easily.
Switch-It Dual Pro
Switch It Inc introduces the Dual Pro, a head array for power wheelchairs, which is engineered to incorporate proportional drive control technology.
Lewisburry, Pa-headquartered Butler Mobility Products announces that it has recently re-engineered its line of electric dumbwaiters for homes and businesses.
The new Smart Moore Balance Brace, created as a result of a partnership between Sensoria Fitness and Orthotic Holdings Inc, is an orthotic designed to help prevent falls.
The 34th edition of Minneapolis-headquartered OPTP's semi-annual professional catalog is now available.
Ottobock and UNYQ have recently teamed up to provide cosmetic covers for lower-limb prosthetics.
biodesigns inc introduces the HiFi Interface and HiFi Imager System, developed as a result from a contract with the Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA).
A new injectable approved by federal regulators offers individuals affected by the relapsing-remitting form of the disease an important option for self care.
Quickie QM-710 New Options
Sunrise Medical, based in Fresno, Calif, introduces six new options on its Quickie QM-7 Series, Pulse Series, and Zippie ZM-310 power wheelchairs.
Magister Corp introduces the NeckPro II, a new version of the NeckPro Cervical Traction Device reportedly redesigned to be more user-friendly.