Cloud Computing Roundtable

Experts delve into the multifaceted nature of cloud-based software systems, offering insight for existing users and key considerations when transition is on the horizon.


64% of PT Practices at Risk for Medicare Noncompliance, Survey Says

According to a Medicare risk compliance web-based survey launched by Clinicient, 64% of its respondents are at significant risk for Medicare regulatory noncompliance and consequential cash flow issues, denied claims, Medicare fines, and higher overhead costs for audit preparation and response.


SI-BONE Inc Receives Positive Coverage for SI Joint Fusion Procedure

SI-BONE Inc, a medical device company that offers the iFuse Implant System designed for fusion of the sacrolliac (SI) joint, reports that it has been provided positive coverage for its MIS SI joint fusion procedure, thanks to a policy update published by Priority Health (Michigan).


How to Get More Referrals

It has been said the average referral is worth $1,000. Does that sound like your practice? The value behind each of your referral patients may be greater than you think. Learn how to get the most out of referrals by taking control of the referral management cycle in this exclusive podcast with Sturdy McKee, MPT, CEO […]