Knock, knock, the auditors are here

It’s hard not to break a sweat when an audit team comes to the door. Thanks to rock solid documentation at easy reach, however, PT Northwest kept its poise and delivered Medicare surveyors every piece of data they requested, and left them quietly impressed by a level of compliance practice rarely seen.


Growth is the Goal, Software is the Guide

Clinics planning short-term or long-term growth must identify innovative ways to support that growth in ways that are both reliable and cost-effective. This exclusive podcast features Erich Herkloz, MPT, Cert. MDT, CSCS, managing partner of Strive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, who, along with his partners, is expanding a 7-office practice to 10 offices in the coming months.


Good Decisions Only Come from Good Data – Podcast

Whether providing patient care or managing the business, success for any enterprise hinges on good decisions. Learn how this 5-office outpatient clinic used software-based data capture and analysis to improve its operational model and increase per-case reimbursement.


Pulse of the Practice: Integrated Software.

The multiple moving parts of a therapy clinic can be unruly. Clinic owner J.W. Matheson explains how an integrated software system pulls together critical data about his clinic operations into a single interface, highlighting the importance of access to business and treatment information that allow fully informed decisions to be made at a moment’s notice.


Podcast: Software — key to award-winning patient care

Creating a practice infrastructure that operates smoothly and delivers award-winning patient care requires peak efficiency from the moment the doors open each day. This podcast explores how vital aspects of a clinical software solution can help identify those efficiencies, and turn them into real value.

Rehab Management Podcasts

Rehab Management Podcasts Compliance Training and Education Monday, October 1, 2012 Nancy Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC, Beckley is President of Nancy Beckley & Associates, which provides consulting services to the rehab professional. Nancy is certified in Healthcare Compliance by the Healthcare Compliance Board, and recently completed several years of service on the Part A and […]