Imaging of burns indicates that those treated with the FL2 inhibitor nanotechnology experienced collagen deposition and hair follicle formation. (2-photo confocal microscopy) Credit: Vera DesMarais/Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The next leap forward in treatment of chronic wounds may spring from a genetic tweak that appears capable of shrinking healing time by half. This accelerated healing, under study led by David J. Sharp, PhD, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, is triggered a nano particle that allows skin cells to more quickly reach damaged areas of the dermis.
At least four key quality measures reveal that men are more greatly affected by complications associated with total joint replacement than women. The findings reverse common thinking that women undergo the procedure less frequently than men because women experienced worse outcomes.
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A new generation of nursing care beds was recently unveiled by Nuremberg-based Hermann Bock GmbH at the Altenpflege geriatric care trade fair. The new Bock “ultra low” beds are designed to be set to single-centimetre heights to allow for comfortable sleeping positions, according to a media release from Hermann Bock GmbH.
Relief for chronic plantar fasciitis can be elusive, with the condition resolving and recurring over time. Recently, however, percutaneous ultrasonic fasciotomy was used to successfully treat plantar fasciitis, suggesting that safe and effective definitive treatment may not be far off.
Good fitness in midlife appears help assure brain health as an older adult. According to new research led at Boston University School of Medicine poor physical fitness among people in their 40s is correlated with lower brain volumes among those people by the time they reach age 60 years.
The intelligence of an individual affected by cerebral palsy (CP) may be higher than what that person's cognitive impairment might suggest. Thanks to a newly developed helmet fitted designed with a brain-computer interface, children with CP may soon have access to a device that assures they receive a level of education and therapy matched to their true abilities.
Cross section rat spinal cord. Immunostaining: axons (red), synapses (green), motor neurons (blue). Source: DZNE/Jörg Ruschel
The search for a healing agent for spinal cord injuries got an unexpected helping hand recently from a cancer drug. Researchers reported in the journal Science that epothilone, known among cancer treatment circles as a cytotoxin, reduces the formation of scar tissue and stimulates damaged nerve cells to grow in an animal model. A team of […]
Age-related brain damage does not reduce the movement ability of older adults who have a healthy healthy level of physical activity, according to a study that recently appeared in the online version of Neurology. The study suggests physical activity could counter the effects of brain aging on walking and movement control among older adults.
Aspirin may not always be the therapeutic agent it seems for preventing stroke and heart attack. In fact, among patients who exhibit a resistance to aspirin, the risk of a severe stroke is higher than among those who are not resistant. The findings were revealed in a study led by Mi Sun Oh, MD, of Hallym University College of Medicine in South Korea.
Therapeutic jumping for knee osteoarthritis may seem like an oxymoron. Nonetheless, MRI exams of subjects who regularly experienced knee pain caused by osteoarthritis reportedly indicated that high-impact jumping improved the quality of patellar cartilage and physical function during the course of a research study.
Married men, it has been said, live longer than single men. They may also live more active lives, if the women to whom they are married exert the proper influence, according to a study results recently released by researchers based at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore.
Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-robotics (SCRIPT) device. (Image by University of Hertfordshire.)
A prototype robotic glove has been developed by researchers based at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England, that can be used by individuals affected by stroke in their homes to support rehabilitation and personal independence in receiving therapies.
The vital minutes between when a patient arrives at a hospital and when intravenous thrombolytic therapy begins, commonly referred to as the "Golden Hour," are not available to as many as 114 million Americans, according to a new study from researchers based at the University of Pennsylvania, Pa. The researchers not that rural patients are particularly likely to not have access to such care.
With most treatment for osteoarthritis directed at pain control, the development of a therapy that can delay or reverse arthrtis-associated cartilage degeneration is exciting. The foundation of that solution may have just been uncovered by UK researchers who successfully produced cartilage from embryonic stem cells.
Among anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions on 111 sports-focused individuals age 18 years to 50 years, 31% demonstrated evidence of osteoarthritis (OA) 1 year after reconstructive surgery. Location of the OA most frequently was the patellofemoral compartments.
Pictured at left, wasting of left arm musculature, inability to extend the writs, and fixed flexion of all digits. Pictured at right, the hybrid fitted hand. (The Lancet)
Three Austrian men with hand function severely limited by brachial plexus injuries chose to have portions of their upper extremities amputated as part of a "bionic reconstruction," allowing them to wear a thought-controlled prosthetic hand.
MRI lab at Brigham Young University used in study to compare brain activity for high-calorie foods vs. low-calorie foods. Image by Mark A. Philbrick.
When Brigham Young University researchers tested a group of 34 teenagers, they discovered what appears to be an effective approach to weight control that could help control obesity among adolescents.
Sensory, emotional, and cognitive cues, rather than objective, physiological sources, may be among the factors that significantly influence how pain is experienced.
The SafeGait body weight support system, manufactured by Victor, NY-based Gorbel Medical, is the subject of a collaborative, multisite study that will evaluate its therapeutic effects for patients who are neurologically involved.
A recent study presented at the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference 2015 demonstrated that exercise on a motorized stationary bike offers patients an edge in relearning everyday tasks.