Eye Disease and MS Association Proven in Study Results

What is reported as the “largest retrospective study” of multiple sclerosis (MS) in uveitis patients shows nearly 60% of patients with both diseases were diagnosed with each within a five-year span. The results may unlock the door to calculating the likelihood of an MS diagnosis among uveitis patients.

Rehab is Part of Non-Surgical Multimodal Treatment for OA

Journal of Pragmatic and Observational Research has published a study on multimodal treatment programs for OsteoArthritis of the knee. Arrowhead Health Centers of Arizona is home to the leading multimodal OsteoArthritis treatment program, offering patients an alternative to knee replacement and other invasive surgeries.

Paralyzed Patients Have High Risk for Minor Stress Fractures

A recent study of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago revealed a 2% loss in leg bone mass each month, correlating with a 6.9% drop in leg bone strength. The findings suggest a decrease in mechanical strength in the legs occurs more rapidly and to a greater degree than what was previously believed.