“Medium” Exercise Lowers Parkinson’s Risk

The news for individuals who have a “medium” level of exercise is good: the risk of Parkinson’s disease among those individuals will be lower by as much as 45%, according to a 17-year study.

Scientists Discover Gene That Accelerates ALS

Penn State College of Medicine researchers recently identified a gene variant that is present in an estimated one-third of ALS patients who have an accelerated disease progression.

Smokers’ Risk of Back Pain Is Three Times Higher Than Non-Smokers

Evidence form Northwestern University reports links smoking and chronic pain to a region of the brain associated with addiction and reward. This new evidence was taken from a report that further suggests smoking cessation could become a future strategy for preventing and relieving chronic pain.

AOTA Report Shows Consumers Uninformed About Rehab Benefits Under ACA

Essential health benefits provided by qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are meant to cover rehabilitative and habilitative services. A new report by the American Occupational Therapy Association, however, finds breakdowns are keeping services out of consumers’ reach.