Product News

Quickie 5R is built to adjust to changing user environments.
"Environmentally friendly" takes a twist with this manual mobility device from Sunrise Medical built to offer performance that adjusts to the user's environment or conditions.
Therapists whose patients are working to develop the ability to stand from a seated position will have an opportunity to test the Sit2Stand Trainer from Biodex Medical Systems Inc, Shirley, NY, during the APTA NEXT Conference, June 3-6. The device provides accommodating assistance to natural movement, which corresponds with the sit-to-stand force output.
Clearwater, Fla-based Billing Dynamix announces that the workflow management process in its bestPT software is designed to help practice owners track patient visits and related activity in a single location.
The PeriCoach System is a newly introduced device and smartphone app designed for home use to help women manage pelvic floor muscle training exercises. The system is offered by Brisbane, Australia-based Analytica Ltd, and reportedly includes a web portal that allows clinicians to remotely monitor their patients’ progress.
Medical Protection Technologies, Harbor, Wash, has launched what the company describes as its "next generation" Fall-Safe Hip Protectors, designed to provide a simple solution for helping prevent hip fractures. The specialized undergarments, containing a pair of pads designed to prevent fractures from a fall onto the hip, reflect an emphasis on preventing the fracture, not just the fall.
Fit Grips is a new product recently launched by IntelliWheels Inc to aid manual wheelchair users.
Champaign, Ill-headquartered IntelliWheels Inc has introduced a solution that aims to make manual wheelchairs more comfortable and efficient to push.
Patient comfort is always an important consideration in clinical treatment, and maximum patient comfort is at the focus of the new BAL2000 Pacific 6 Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table (Bench) from Yorba Linda, Calif-based, Stonehaven Medical.
The Motivo Tour, shown here in Salsa Red, is a new mobility device offered by Franklin, Wis-based Motivo. (Image courtesy of Motivo.)
A new rolling walker, the Tour, has been released to the mobility market by Franklin, Wis-based Motivo. The new device is engineered to enhance user independence by offering a feature set aimed at improving on previous versions of walker designs.
An agreement has been reached that aims to grow the reach of the Kickstart wearable neuro-rehabilitation device. Cadence Biomedical, reportedly has struck a deal with distributor TruMedical Solutions LLC, that will allow Cadence to support healthcare providers across the southeastern United States with its wearable device.
Butler Mobility Product's redesigned IPL platform. (Image courtesy of Butler Mobility Products.)
Butler Mobility Products, Lewisberry, Pa, a manufacturer of inclined platform wheelchair lifts, announces the new design of its IPL platform. This redesigned platform has an updated new look, in comparison to the more “industrial” look of the previous platform design.
Smart Check from ROHO Inc (photo courtesy of ROHO Inc).
ROHO Inc, Belleville, Ill, recently launched the Smart Check personal electronic cushion security device, with the aim of providing wheelchair users real-time feedback about proper inflation levels for their ROHO cushions.
A product-specific hold that was placed on several Snug Seat products for the last 18 months has been lifted by the FDA, according to a statement from Scott Crosswhite, vice president of the Matthews, NC-based company.
Comfort Pack by Bed Buddy.
Dedham, Mass-based company EasierLiving has launched the Bed Buddy line of hot and cold therapy products as part of its strategy to support at-home comfort. The company reportedly developed the Bed Buddy to support consumers who are affected by seasonal aches and pains, chronic illnesses, or are recovering from surgery.
iPhone screen shot of Scoliometer app by Spiral Spine.
A new set of resources directed at the scoliosis community is available from Nashville, Tenn-based Spiral Spine, which reports the recent release of the Scoliometer by Spiral Spine, a mobile app designed to allow users with scoliosis to measure their ribcage and vertebral rotation. The mobile app is reportedly available now at Apple’s App Store.
Biodex Medical Systems' LivMD Vibration Plate.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc, headquartered in Shirley, NY, recently added the LivMD Vibration Plate to its family of Mobility Enhancement physical medicine devices. The device is designed to help improve a variety of conditions, including balance and muscle health, circulation, and posture, as well as reduce pain.
Noraxon U.S.A. Inc announces the successful installation of its myoMETRICS laboratory in the Denver practice of Nicholas Studholme, DC. Designed to be ideal for clinical and sports medicine, the lab features Noraxon’s FDA-approved biomechanics solutions.
A new noninvasive, nonaddictive solution for pain relief has been introduced by Norwell, Mass-based company Carex. The firm recently launched its AccuRelief line of electronic treatment products, designed to provide pain relief for the whole body, and reportedly approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.
The SafeGait body weight support system, manufactured by Victor, NY-based Gorbel Medical, is the subject of a collaborative, multisite study that will evaluate its therapeutic effects for patients who are neurologically involved.
Older adults often may be emotionally attached to a home in which they have resided for many years. Those homes, however, may not actually offer the social engagement and amenities an individual needs to experience an optimal quality of life.
Algona, Wash-based EZ-Access announces the addition of the Transitions Angled Entry Plate to the company's line of threshold ramps.