TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops Provide Four-Function Utility in Single Product

Akron, Ohio-headquartered Performance Health has introduced a new product to the field of of low-tech fitness and rehab gear with the rollout of TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops. Available in bulk rolls and individual packs, the CLX Consecutive Loops are designed to provide the same utility as bands, loops, tubing with handles, and door anchors in a single product.


Maddak Introduces Performance-Based Assessment for Children

The Do-Eat Performance-Based Assessment for Children is a performance-based ecological assessment for children ages 5 to 8 years newly available from Wayne, NJ-based Maddak Inc. The assessment is directed at children who are affected by atypical motor development such as DCD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and nonverbal learning disabilities.


Sunrise Medical Introduces Two New Pediatric Wheelchairs

The Zippie X’CAPE and The Zippie ZM-310 are two new pediatric wheelchairs now available from Fresno, Calif-based Sunrise Medical. The Zippie X’CAPE offers XLOCK Technology, designed to deliver the performance of a rigid frame with the convenience of a folding frame. The Zippie ZM-310 features a small base and pediatric seating designed to maximize accessibility and independence.

Biodex Expands Education and Training for Physical Medicine Devices

Shirley, NY-based Biodex Medical Systems Inc is stepping up efforts to provide clinical education about the applications of the company’s physical medicine devices. The company is offering a comprehensive education and training program consisting of a series of interactive eLearning modules, hands-on workshops, evidence-based clinical protocols, and training webinars.

Fitness Wearables Give Users Fits

Up to 83% of consumers who purchased fitness wearables found them difficult to use, while 21% reported the devices did not operate as advertised, according to a recent survey.

Clinical Procedures Software to Include Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) has joined Respiratory Therapy (RT) as the second major non-nursing discipline added to Lippincott Procedures, the clinical procedures software used by nurses and other clinicians at the point-of-care.