An inpatient survey about fall-related attitudes suggests that patients’ perception of their fall risk may affect how well they follow fall-prevention strategies.
A new report estimates the value of the global market for home rehabilitation products and services in 2023.
Luke Stikeleather, CO, and a patient custom fit a Rigo-Chêneau scoliosis brace at National Scoliosis Center. (Photo courtesy of Business Wire)
Practitioners at the National Scoliosis Center announce that they have opened a new facility in Fairfax, Va, focusing on the nonoperative treatment of scoliosis.
Researchers note in a new study that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) could be an effective way to help improve mobility and balance in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients.
Stealth Products Inc, a division of Quantum Rehab, announces that all of its products marked for ALS patients will receive expedited handling and shipping.
Other than the intensity and perhaps the mode of training, the concepts behind prehabilitation and training and conditioning an athlete to maximize sports performance are very similar. In prehabilitation, the premise is to improve the patient’s functional ability before encountering the stressor and, thus, making the individual more likely to withstand the stress better.
Conditioning the body prior to surgery or other physiologic and physical stresses can lead to more favorable outcomes in oncology cases. Prehabilitation fills this role in the cancer care continuum and survivorship. By Glenda Arcilla Borreo, PT, MHSc, CLT, ACSM EP-C, CCET.
A robotic device, along with spinal stimulation, has reportedly helped a paralyzed man move his legs and take thousands of steps.
Acupuncture proponents contend physical therapists have insufficient training to make trigger point dry needling therapy safe, as the Montana Legislature considers a proposal that would enable PTs to conduct the procedure.
Any cushion chosen needs to be adjustable, adaptable to the daily movements of the end user, and accommodating enough to respond to any changes in anatomy, tissue composition, and long-term tissue physiological changes.
Therapists can help protect wheelchair users from the serious threats of pressure ulcers by fully understanding cushion construction, deep tissue responses, and anticipating shape change in the user’s body. By Patricia E. Tully, OTR, ATP.
Share Your Blessings and Beamz Interactive Inc announce that they have recently gifted more than 500 Beamz music systems to organizations that reach special needs individuals through music and recreational therapy.
For many Medicare recipients, multiple observational stays rather than inpatient hospital admissions may be driving up their out-of-pocket costs, a study suggests.
A recent study suggests that monkeys and humans experience greater motor recovery than rats after experiencing a similar spinal cord injury (SCI).
Stroke patients affected by an upper-extremity movement dysfunction reported comparatively high levels of effectiveness from constraint-induced movement therapy in improving their daily activities. But in at least one important area, CIMT fared no better than standard therapy.
Commercial minivans have gone ADA compliant at Phoenix-based Vantage Mobility International. The company recently announced that the first commercial-use, ADA-compliant Toyota Northstar E360 has rolled off its assembly line.
Signature HealthCARE announces in a media release that Modern Healthcare has recently named it one of the 100 “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” for 2015.
A new study suggests that those who play adaptive sports could have a higher likelihood of employment, leading to a possibly greater economic impact.
A public hearing and a rally are slated to take place Wednesday, August 26, during which amputees and other concerned citizens will have the opportunity to air their views about a proposed Medicare reimbursement policy for lower-limb prosthetic care.
This image of the lab-grown brain is labeled to show identifiable structures: the cerebral hemisphere, the optic stalk and the cephalic flexure, and a bend in the mid-brain region, which are all characteristic of the human fetal brain. (Photo courtesy of The Ohio State University)
Scientists at The Ohio State University note that they have engineered a near fully formed brain in their lab that contains 99% of the genes in a human fetal brain and is as mature as a 5-week-old fetus.
Older people who are homebound may be at risk for low vitamin D levels, possibly leading to a risk for falls.
A policy change proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) may possibly lead to the loss of insurance coverage for prostheses, as well as access to medically necessary equipment.