Will I live? Will I walk?

“…allow yourself to recharge so you have the energy to consistently respond as the trusted advisor. Your patients are watching and they are listening. And for better or worse your patients remember.”


History Loves a Good Idea

Bringing your good idea to fruition doesn’t require you to be taller, smarter, or better looking. It only requires you to have the courage of your convictions. The Abilities Expo is one example of a good idea that didn’t just “happen” by itself.


Your idea is better than you think

A good idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary. It doesn’t have to be the next automobile cup holder. In our line of work a good idea is simply something actionable that improves someone else’s life.

Briana Nash feeds her mother, Charla, who lost her hands in a chimpanzee attack

Without A Hand to Hold

Is a pair of hands worth $150 million? Would I part with my own two hands for $150 million? Quality of life is about more than mobility devices.