Blackmail for Patient Data: It’s Here

According to news sources Clay County Hospital, Flora, Ill, reports it was the target of a blackmail threat to release specific patient information if the hospital did not comply with a demand for “a substantial payment.”



Inpatient Rehab Versus Nursing Home: Campaign Educates Consumers

Choosing an inpatient rehab setting after stroke, spinal cord injury (SCI), or traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a significant effect on a patient’s outcome. A campaign launched by Mechanicsburg, Pa-based Select Medical aims to help consumers understand the implications of choosing inpatient rehab versus a nursing home.


VA Research Finds Kinematic Knee Replacement Improves Postsurgery Pain and ROM

With reports of roughly 20% of total knee replacement patients dissatisfied with persistent pain after surgery, Veterans Affairs Health Care researchers developed the “kinematic alignment” method of knee replacement, said to be superior to pain relief and range of motion associated with postsurgical results of traditional knee-replacement methods.


Rehab Providers Urge MedPAC to Reject Site-Neutral Payments

In a 5-page latter to the chairman of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, Bruce Gans, MD, chair of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association, called on the commission to reject a proposal to implement so-called “site-neutral” Medicare payments that would not distinguish between inpatient rehab facilities and skilled nursing facilities.