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A Look at “Advances in Vestibular Rehabilitation”

An advanced level, evidence-based course sponsored by Duke University Doctor of Physical Therapy Division and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) offers an update regarding treatment and assessment of individuals with vestibular disorders. According to the Duke website, the 4-day course is open only to physical and occupational therapists who have passed the Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency-Based Course.

The “Advances in Vestibular Rehabilitation—A Competency Renewal Course” is slated for June 16 to 19 in Durham, NC.

The site states that he course will focus on the assessment and treatment of cervicogenic dizziness during the lecture and laboratory session, differentiation of central eye movement signs and symptoms from peripheral vestibular eye movement signs and symptoms, as well as treatment considerations for individuals with dizziness secondary to central vestibular disorders, including concussions. The course will also focus on the treatment of the less common presentations of BPPV (in lecture and laboratory sessions), dizziness and Meniere’s versus the migraine complex, SCD, and other uncommon vestibular disorders, pediatric vestibular rehabilitation, and expectations for recovery.

Participants are also requested, according to the site, to bring one difficult case study with them that will be reviewed as part of the course. A PowerPoint presentation should also be created containing patient history if possible, vestibular function test results (actual data is preferred), videos of eye movements and gait, and a summary of medical, surgical, and rehabilitation treatments.

The site notes that the course will feature written, video, and practical examinations of assessment and intervention procedures.

[Source: Duke University Doctor of Physical Therapy]