Championing the Complex Rehab Bill, On “From the Roots: Clinician’s Blog”

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In light of the Memorial Day holiday, Ann Eubank’s latest post reflects on the sacrifices made by service personnel and calls on readers to help give S 948, a Senate bill designed to protect access to highly customized products to individuals with significant disabilities that has spent 12 months in committee, a “fighting chance.” The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Ann points out the good news and bad news behind S 948, known as “The Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Act.” S 948 has 12 co-sponsors, while the House of Representatives version of the bill has more than 110 co-sponsors. The bad news, Ann says, is that the bill was introduced to the 113th Congress more than 1 year ago and now sits before the Senate Finance Committee. Ann notes that in the 112th Congress, only 11% of bills made it past committee.

The congressional reluctance to pass a bill that could alter quality of life for many individuals, Ann adds, is in sharp contrast to 46 measures recently passed by the 112th Congress that resulted in the naming of post offices.

“If this is not a call to arms for grassroots advocates I don’t know what is,” Ann emphasizes.

Visit Ann’s latest post here to send a message to your Congressional representative and ask for their support for S 948/HR 942.