Reaching Aid Features T-Shaped Lever and Can Be Operated By Mouth

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A reaching aid engineered to accommodate individuals with spinal injuries, severe arthritis, wrist deformities, or minimally functional trunk musculature is available through Maddak Inc, headquartered in Wayne, NJ. The Vee-Zee C5 Reacher – Folding is constructed from a lightweight, aluminum channel with rubber-lined claws that open to 3 1/2 inches and close completely. It does not require finger function, according to the company website.

Users can operate the product via a T-shaped toggle lever at the top, rather than a conventional trigger, and it can be operated by mouth. The website notes that the arm support is designed to relieve stress on the radial side of the wrist while the wrist support prevents nonfunctional wrist extension. For flexion, the support on the inside of the palm grip is intended to help control ulnar deflection of the wrist. The supports can reportedly be customized to individual requirements or moved from one side to the other to accommodate left- and right-hand use.

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[Source: Maddak Inc]