Investment Fund Seeks to Find a Marketable Cure for ALS

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The founders of a for-profit investment fund aimed at finding a marketable cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease which all three founders have, recently announced that they will organize an ALS investors day on May 19 in Amsterdam, during which they will reveal the blueprint of an approach to finding a marketable cure for the disease.

A news release from the organization states that the ALS investment fund will allocate capital to create sound investment opportunities for investors and also “fill the ALS treatment pipeline with hope.”

According to co-founder Bernard Muller, nominated EY entrepreneur of the year in Netherlands, this latest initiative, which follows the organization’s launch of a global genetic research study called project MinE, “will enable us to show the potential impact of a truly meaningful investment that will bring hope to patients without ignoring the demand from investors for a return on their investment and it will also bring cost savings for health insurers as well as real translational research and shared success.”

The fund reportedly hopes to raise €100 million and is aimed at impact investors.

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Source: ALS investors day – Project MinE