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Ann Eubank’s new post points out that a good idea fosters more than a positive change for others, it can also ignite fierce opposition from the status quo, carving out a rallying point for grassroots advocacy to “dig in its heels” and stick to the courage of its convictions. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Whether it was the Civil Rights Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, or “countless other pieces of legislation that may not have been popular among the masses for whom they posed a perceived inconvenience,” courage was a key requirement to bring each idea to fruition despite opposition.

For a good idea to hold a place in history, it must first battle against the resistance that is born of the desire to preserve comfortable familiarity. The concept of equality, manufacturing lighter wheelchairs despite the cost, or putting on a convention like the Abilities Expo with free admission, asks us to put aside our fears and pursue our ideas, no matter how they may threaten the status quo.

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 [Source: Rehab Management]