Pediatric Hip Orthosis Offers CP Patients Enhanced Pelvic Support and Stabilization Post-Surgery

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A pediatric hip orthosis designed to control or prevent deformity after soft-tissue release and other hip surgeries for children with cerebral palsy (CP) is available through Restorative Care America Inc. The HD Pediatric Hip is intended to provide a higher level of support and stabilization of the pelvic region thanks to greater coverage of the mid spine.

The product is comprised of heat-moldable thermoplastic, engineered to allow eased patient customization. The product also offers flexion/extension settings and adjustable internal/external rotation control of the hip using adjustable knobs. The HD Pediatric Hip can be fitted as a postoperative brace or used post cast removal.

The HD Pediatric Hip features a washable, breathable foam liner engineered to keep the skin dry, cool, and comfortable.  The liner can also be trimmed to accommodate a G tube.

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[Source: Restorative Care America Inc]