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New OPTP Back Support Design Targets Healthy Sitting Posture

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In an effort to accommodate individuals who spend extended hours sitting and require comprehensive back support, OPTP has introduced the new Thoracic Lumbar Support. The product features an upside-down “T” design intended to provide low- to mid-back support for healthy sitting posture in users.

The Minneapolis, Minn-based company notes that the Thoracic Lumbar Back Support’s horizontal lumbar cushion is engineered to encourage a healthy lumbar lordosis. Its vertical thoracic cushion runs up the spine, aligning and supporting the thoracic spine. By properly aligning the thoracic spine, a neutral shoulder position is encouraged, the chest is opened up, and an ideal cervical curve is promoted, the company states. The product aims to support a correct sitting posture in order to offer users relief and prevention of back pain, tension headaches, fatigue, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions that often accompany poor sitting posture.

Featuring supportive foam, a removable, washable Polartec cover, and an adjustable strap that can be attached to most seats with backrests, OPTP reports that the Thoracic Lumbar Back Support is recommended for use in a variety of locations. These include offices, cars, semi-trucks, classrooms, couches, airplanes, tractors, theatres, and stadiums.

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