Invigorating the Entrepreneurial Spirit: This Week on From the Roots: Clinician’s Blog

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Ann Eubank’s new post points to the ability to synthesize and collaborate as the catalyst that drives those with entrepreneurial spirit to pursue opportunities beyond resources currently in their control, setting the stage of change. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

In her latest blog post, Eubank asks clinicians, “At heart, are you an entrepreneur or a factory worker?”

While some may designate individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit as “careless” compared to the manager who first seeks permission before moving to action, “putting the cart before the horse” can provide momentum for the creative process and allow individuals to synthesize ideas

As a veteran advocate for mobility users, Eubank has first hand experience with the benefits synthesizing and collaborating yield; giving life to a team that can work to make a significant change.

After all, Eubank adds, “If we don’t put the cart before the horse will anything change?”

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Source: Rehab Management