Program Aims to Assist Families In Funding Lightweight Wheelchairs

convConvaid, Torrance, Calif, recently announced that through its community outreach program, it has created a new program designed for families to raise funds for the purchase of a lightweight Convaid Wheelchair. Through Convaid’s Fund-A-Chair Program, families can raise money with the assistance of, a free fundraising website.

Convaid reports that the process is intended to allow families to accept donations from friends and family worldwide through an online trusted source.

Chris Braun, president, Convaid, states, “Often times families find that loved ones are more willing to contribute $25 here or there, but don’t feel like it’s significant enough. By using the new program, people will see that every dollar does count.”

The Fund-A-Chair Program is slated to go live on June 1. The company adds that during the month June, it will also give program users who are able to meet or exceed their fundraising goals a 10% discount on all Convaid customized wheelchairs as well as a free basket or canopy with purchase.

For more information, about the program call 1-888-CONVAID

Source: Convaid