Device’s Eye-Tracking Capability Offers Users Communication and Control Over Environment

dynavoxA device engineered to accommodate users with complex communication needs is available through DynaVox Mayer-Johnson, headquartered in Pittsburg, Pa. The DyanVox EyeMax System is intended to provide users the ability to access the features of the company’s Vmax+ device with a simple gaze or blink on the desired area of the screen to quickly and easily make selections, according to the company’s website.

The EyeMax can be mounted onto and connected to the Vmax+ and does not need to be plugged in while in use. Users can reportedly access connectivity through a variety of mediums, including via WiFi, Bluetooth, AccessIT, and PhoneIT. The device also offers users the ability to control household applicances equipped with infrared receivers or X-10 controllers with built-in infrared.

DynaVox notes that the product may be most appropriate for users with the ability to focus on an object for a brief period of time, who wear contact lenses or glasses, and have a degree of controlled head movement, or no head movement at all. The EyeMax System is also intended for users who require access to a range of ConnectIT mounting options.

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[Source: DynaVox]