Complex rehab power wheelchair manufacturer Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Products, headquartered in Exeter, Pa, reports it has become a Premier-Level national partner of The ALS Association.
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A new webinar focuses on three methods to increase compliance in the physical therapy office as a way to save time and money. This free webinar, presented by bestPT, is available online now.
Pictured at left, wasting of left arm musculature, inability to extend the writs, and fixed flexion of all digits. Pictured at right, the hybrid fitted hand. (The Lancet)
Three Austrian men with hand function severely limited by brachial plexus injuries chose to have portions of their upper extremities amputated as part of a "bionic reconstruction," allowing them to wear a thought-controlled prosthetic hand.
MRI lab at Brigham Young University used in study to compare brain activity for high-calorie foods vs. low-calorie foods. Image by Mark A. Philbrick.
When Brigham Young University researchers tested a group of 34 teenagers, they discovered what appears to be an effective approach to weight control that could help control obesity among adolescents.
Sensory, emotional, and cognitive cues, rather than objective, physiological sources, may be among the factors that significantly influence how pain is experienced.
The SafeGait body weight support system, manufactured by Victor, NY-based Gorbel Medical, is the subject of a collaborative, multisite study that will evaluate its therapeutic effects for patients who are neurologically involved.
Chronic pain patients will soon have a new option to help them find relief now that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the StimRouter, from Valencia, Calif-based Bioness.
Members of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association recently converged on Capitol Hill to urge Congressional leaders to put patients first, and preserve access to hospital-level, intensive medical rehabilitation.
Older adults often may be emotionally attached to a home in which they have resided for many years. Those homes, however, may not actually offer the social engagement and amenities an individual needs to experience an optimal quality of life.
Frank Long, Editorial Director, Rehab Management.
A "what if" discussion about mobility devices that doesn't bog down in blueprints and spec sheets. RM's editorial director, Frank Long, ponders whether truly transformative developments lie ahead for wheelchair technology, and where the best payoffs may lie for keeping disabled populations moving.
A good coach helps a team find its strengths, eliminate weaknesses and follow a plan that wins. This podcast explores how physical therapy practices can identify, measure, and take action on data they may already have to shape positive patient outcomes and build winning businesses.
Algona, Wash-based EZ-Access announces the addition of the Transitions Angled Entry Plate to the company's line of threshold ramps.
Permobil specialist discusses the Total Control Head Array as it passes through final configuration.
March 17 is the kickoff date for the “Powertrip,” 2015 Revolution Tour sponsored by mobility device manufacturer Permobil, Lebanon, Tenn. The tour has scheduled stops at 30 cities nationwide where attendees can preview and test the latest mobility products from Permobil and TiLite.
The Rolyan Smart Handle from Patterson Medical provides real-time feedback of force exerted and repetitions completed during elastic band exercises.
Warrenville, Ill-headquartered Patterson Medical introduces the Rolyan Smart Handle, directed toward the needs of elastic band therapy. Smart Handle was created to remove the guesswork from elastic band exercise by delivering real-time feedback and objective measurement.
An underwater treadmill can help provide cardiovascular fitness regardless of an individual’s age with activities such as water jogging.
Hydrotherapy can offer the versatility needed when patients, conditions, and outcomes vary widely.
A live seminar titled "Navigating the Payment Maze: Reducing Denials and Minimizing Risks" will be conducted in Alexandria, Va, February 28, and also streamed online. The seminar will offer 0.9 CEUs to those who attend.
A recent study presented at the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference 2015 demonstrated that exercise on a motorized stationary bike offers patients an edge in relearning everyday tasks.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine rehabilitation experts are joining an effort funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop an advanced prosthetic limb that "feels" and moves like a natural arm.
Sunrise Medical, headquartered in Fresno, Calif, announces its latest Breezy Elegance Premium Retailer, NORCO Inc. Sunrise reports that NORCO is in the process of rolling out its introduction of the Breezy Elegance line throughout 12 strategic locations in the Pacific Northwest.
Valdeo is designed to provide motivating and game-like back training at home.
Switzerland-based company, Hocoma, has designed the Valedo Therapy Concept with sensor technology to help provide a holistic approach for back therapy at the clinic as well as continuing training at home.