Clinical understanding about football-based concussion may take an important stride forward with the help of a chip-loaded mouthguard manufactured by Kirkland, Wash-based i1 Biometrics. The Vector MouthGuard will be worn by members of the the Texas A&M University football team to measure the brain’s linear and rotational accelerations from impacts experienced during play.
A series of live seminars that address conditions of the spine among older adults and provide an opportunity for hands-on learning is being offered by The seminar, titled Functional Strength Training for the Aging Spine, will be presented in five cities in New York, and at one location in Florida, beginning March 13.
While maintaining a profitable healthcare business is not getting any easier for most organizations, U.S. Physical Therapy, headquartered in Houston, Texas, edged up its revenues in 2014, a year in which the company reports that it acquired 35 clinics.
With most treatment for osteoarthritis directed at pain control, the development of a therapy that can delay or reverse arthrtis-associated cartilage degeneration is exciting. The foundation of that solution may have just been uncovered by UK researchers who successfully produced cartilage from embryonic stem cells.
A new noninvasive, nonaddictive solution for pain relief has been introduced by Norwell, Mass-based company Carex. The firm recently launched its AccuRelief line of electronic treatment products, designed to provide pain relief for the whole body, and reportedly approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.
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A free webinar scheduled for March 19, 1 pm to 2 pm EDT, features Murphy Grant, MS, LAT, PES, assistant athletic director - sports medicine and head football athletic trainer at University of Kansas. Grant will focus on aquatic rehab applications particularly for low back injury.
American Lift Aids (ALA), a Tyler, Texas-based full service mobility-automotive facility that is also a high-tech provider of mobility driving systems, has joined the "Dare to Compare" Mobility Van challenge to help wheelchair users compare their current transportation to a new conversion from Vantage Mobility Inc.
A Kansas City, Mo-area United Healthcare-Medicare Solutions licensed agent, Barbara Murphy, is laying the foundation for Veterans Helping Veterans, a program aimed at training veterans of the US armed forces about Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, and teaching them to use that expertise to enroll other eligible veterans.
Manuel A. (Tony) Domenech, EdD, PT, OCS, is the new director of the Austin, Texas, campus of the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences (USA), according to a media release from the university. Domenech most recently served at Texas Tech University.
The North Shore-LIJ Health System, based in Manhasset, NY, recently opened the doors on a facility for rehabilitation care staffed with physiatrists; physical and occupational therapists; speech-language pathologists and neuropsychologists.
Among anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions on 111 sports-focused individuals age 18 years to 50 years, 31% demonstrated evidence of osteoarthritis (OA) 1 year after reconstructive surgery. Location of the OA most frequently was the patellofemoral compartments.
Complex rehab power wheelchair manufacturer Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Products, headquartered in Exeter, Pa, reports it has become a Premier-Level national partner of The ALS Association.
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A new webinar focuses on three methods to increase compliance in the physical therapy office as a way to save time and money. This free webinar, presented by bestPT, is available online now.
Pictured at left, wasting of left arm musculature, inability to extend the writs, and fixed flexion of all digits. Pictured at right, the hybrid fitted hand. (The Lancet)
Three Austrian men with hand function severely limited by brachial plexus injuries chose to have portions of their upper extremities amputated as part of a "bionic reconstruction," allowing them to wear a thought-controlled prosthetic hand.
MRI lab at Brigham Young University used in study to compare brain activity for high-calorie foods vs. low-calorie foods. Image by Mark A. Philbrick.
When Brigham Young University researchers tested a group of 34 teenagers, they discovered what appears to be an effective approach to weight control that could help control obesity among adolescents.
Sensory, emotional, and cognitive cues, rather than objective, physiological sources, may be among the factors that significantly influence how pain is experienced.
The SafeGait body weight support system, manufactured by Victor, NY-based Gorbel Medical, is the subject of a collaborative, multisite study that will evaluate its therapeutic effects for patients who are neurologically involved.
Chronic pain patients will soon have a new option to help them find relief now that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the StimRouter, from Valencia, Calif-based Bioness.
Members of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association recently converged on Capitol Hill to urge Congressional leaders to put patients first, and preserve access to hospital-level, intensive medical rehabilitation.
Older adults often may be emotionally attached to a home in which they have resided for many years. Those homes, however, may not actually offer the social engagement and amenities an individual needs to experience an optimal quality of life.