Results from a study published recently in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation suggest that after undergoing strategy-based cognitive training, veterans and civilians with traumatic brain injury (TBI) demonstrated improved cognitive performance and psychological and neural health.
A special topic article in the June issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, explores recent and emerging approaches to designing prosthetic hands with a sense of touch.
Canadian researchers note that they have recently discovered a critical role that microglia—a class of cells present in the brain and spinal cord—play in the development of chronic pain.
With May being National Mobility Awareness Month, its sponsor – the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) – offers advice for those who are experiencing a new disability and are learning how to cope with their new lifestyle and their new mobility concerns.
Several orthopedic surgeons recently analyzed and quantified the most frequently cited papers in lumbar spine surgery and to measure their impact on the entire lumbar spine literature. The results of their effort demonstrate the trends that are occurring specific to this subspecialty in healthcare.
When a wearable low-intensity therapeutic ultrasound device was recently tested on humans, at least 75% of the study subjects who used the device demonstrated a minimum 20% increase in daily activity after receiving 6 weeks of ultrasound therapy daily.
Chad Zeng has developed a unique auxetic foam that could be used to help make prosthetics more comfortable.
Changchun “Chad” Zeng, an assistant professor at the Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering, has developed a high-performance auxetic foam that could lead to more comfortable prosthetics.
A provisional patent on the device, which has drawn interest from Concept2, a manufacturer of indoor rowers, was recently filed by the Capstone group. (Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.)
A provisional patent on the device, which has drawn interest from Concept2, a manufacturer of indoor rowers, was recently filed by the Capstone group. (Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.)
Patients affected by spastic para­plegia lack suf­fi­cient motor control to return their legs to starting posi­tion after each stroke on a rowing erg. Spaulding Rehab PTs and Northeastern University engineering students solve that problem by re-imagining a rowing machine.
The move allow attendees to schedule time at the show to better accommodate regular weekday "work days" than weekends.
Under the new criteria of a federal mental health services program, the role of occupational therapists is being transformed to help provide integrated care to a group of behavioral health clinics.
Christopher Moir, MD, pediatric surgeon at Mayo Clinic Children's Center, shares tips for preventing pediatric falls in the home.
Quantum Rehab, Exeter, Pa, recently launched a new website featuring information about and usage examples of the company’s iLevel seat-elevation technology.
Therapists whose patients are working to develop the ability to stand from a seated position will have an opportunity to test the Sit2Stand Trainer from Biodex Medical Systems Inc, Shirley, NY, during the APTA NEXT Conference, June 3-6. The device provides accommodating assistance to natural movement, which corresponds with the sit-to-stand force output.
Medical Protection Technologies, Friday Harbor, Wash, announces that it has partnered with Milwaukee-based senior care healthcare products distributor Direct Supply Inc to distribute its next generation Fall-Safe Hip Protectors.
SwimEx Inc, Fall River, Mass, announces in a news release that Sari Cattoni has joined the company’s sales team.
Össur, Reykjavik, Iceland, announced recently in a news release from the company that two amputees are reportedly the first in the world to able to control their lower-limb prosthetics with their thoughts.
Medrisk, King of Prussia, Pa, has launched its redesigned website, www.medrisknet.com.
Wayne L. Winistorfer, MPA, OTR, director of rehab services at St. Elizabeth Hospital, discusses how a breakaway from paper charting sparked a dramatic recovery in revenue within this healthcare system’s outpatient rehab department.
United Spinal Association and disability advocates from its national chapter network plan to gather in Washington, DC, June 7-10 for the 4th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill.
The third and latest contract tendered by government sources to develop powered exoskeletons for use by special operations personnel hints at the deepening interest of the United States military in robotic technology provided by Richmond, Calif-based Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc.